Yorkshire Day

yorkshire day

Today Is Yorkshire Day

The picture above is of The Shambles in York. The buildings really are as wonky as they look here. No doubt, on Yorkshire Day, The Shambles will be packed.

But there is much more to Yorkshire than The Shambles and York Minster.

yorkshire day

Beauty Spots

There are many beauty spots in Yorkshire such as this one, named Janets Foss.

Yorkshire has a variety of landscapes with moors, dales, valleys, rivers, castle ruins, spa towns of Bath and Harrogate, plus gorgeous Knaresborough to mention just a few.

The largest County in England, Yorkshire has a wealth of historic sights and towns to visit.

Whitby Abbey - Bram Stoker's Dracula Film Location

Historic Yorkshire

The first historians began their writings on Yorkshire in or around the year 71A.D. Doncaster and York Forts were built by the Romans about that time.

By the second century, the Roman Forts had expanded and become towns. The big industry of the day was mining lead which was used a lot by the Romans.

Jump forward to the 8th century and commerce sprang up with Vikings sailing up the River Ouse to trade in Humber. However, the majority of Yorkshire remained as agricultural land.

The “Yorkshireman” is known to be resilient. This was proven when the people of Yorkshire recovered after the mass destruction they experienced under the rule of William, Duke Of Normandy in the 11th century.

Along with the rebuilding of townships, many monasteries sprung up.

The early 14th century saw Yorkshire booming with great crop yields leading to population growth. Then later in that century, the climate changed causing crop failures and the 7 year famine from 1315 to 1352.

The 15th century had the War Of The Roses during which the Yorkshire population dropped drastically.

The 16th century saw that Yorkshire resilience come to the fore again. Agriculture was again booming and Yorkshire boomed with it.

There were more wars and struggles to come, but Yorkshire pulled through and became what we now see in the 21st century as a diverse county, with a beautiful landscape. Both rugged and tranquil. A county bursting at the seams with history, and well worth staying in for a time if you ever visit there.

More Days To Celebrate on August 1st

Amongst other things, today is also Girl Friends Day, Respect For Parents Day, World Scout Scarf Day, Raspberry Cream Pie Day, International Child Free Day, World Wide Web Day and World Lung Cancer Day.

Touching on some of these briefly, Girl Friends Day is a day for girls to get together with their friends, This is not a romantic day but a friendship day. I Guess you could also call it Male Free Day.

WWW Day celebrates all thing concerning web browsing.

World Lung Cancer Day promotes awareness of lung cancer. Lung cancer is still the biggest killer worldwide.

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