Would You Stop To Help?


Will You provide A Helping Hand?

Picture the scene. Early morning, a current temperature of minus 2º, with a blustery wind. The snow plough has been through and there is a two-foot-high “ridge” of snow alongside the kerb.

Your cars wipers are struggling to work as the snow sticks to them, making them only cover 80% of the windscreen.

Through the dazzling reflected headlights, bouncing off the huge snowflakes as you drive along, an image starts to become clear. There is a small car stopped in the left lane up ahead.

Other cars, trucks and vans go past the small car throwing up a wave of slush against the car as they do.

You start to do the same and, as you do, you see the shadow of someone in the car.

Help was needed

This was the scene I was faced with one winters day. I pulled into the side of the road and backed up to the VW that was broken down.

There was a woman of around 24 in the driver’s seat. In the back was a baby capsule with her 3-month-old baby in it. She had been stuck there for over half an hour. Forced to get back into the car as she was virtually frozen stiff from standing next to it, she had given up trying to flag down some help.

I was not able to sort out the cars problem, so I took them both to her friend’s address which she gave me.

I ended up around one and a half hours late for work and got a warning to boot.

Now I am no hero or anything, but is it not a very sad indictment of our society, that many of us are so self-centred, selfish and afraid, that she was left there for so long before anyone stopped?

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