World Egg Day

world egg day
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Today Is World Egg Day

Why do we need a World Egg Day? Apart from being one of the oldest foods around, eggs are involved in religious beliefs.

The Catholic religion uses the humble egg as a symbol of the stone sealing the internment space of Christ after the Crucifixion. The belief goes something like this: On the third day after death, the stone was rolled away by an unseen force allowing Christ to exit the tomb and ascend into heaven.


In the Jewish religion, eggs are viewed somewhat differently.

The egg still represents the rolling away of the stone but it also represents the circle of life, freedom and servitude and joy and suffering.

Along with eggs,  lentils and bagels, plus other round foods are consumed in the ritual meal “Seder” which is a meal of condolence. The hard-boiled egg pays homage to the temples destruction.


In this religion, there is a small sector that believes the unfertilised egg is  “Rajasic”, meaning that the eater will be overstimulated leading to an immoral, unfit state of mind.*

Myself, I love eggs with bacon, or scrambled, especially with cheese. I had a chook pen in my last home and hope to get one here too. Fresh eggs from your own chickens are way better than any shop bought eggs including the free range ones.

*Source Wikipedia

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