What Is A Pagan?

Pagan Religions
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What Is A Pagan

According to the 2016 census results, more than 15,000 Australians identified themselves as pagan. Which means with Paganism being practised on a daily basis, a religion you may have thought to be dead is a vibrant part of Australian culture.

Add to this the other 6,616 people who identified themselves as Wiccan with 829 being Druids, the old religions appear to be making a comeback. The Druid religion is a nature-based belief one with its root in ancient Celtic times.

In 2016,  Tasmania had the highest number of practising Pagans, NSW the lowest.

What Is A Pagan?

Ritual or Superstition?

These religions are largely ritual based. People put shoes in the attic or roofspace of their homes to ensure their children can always find their way home.

Shoes also feature in warding off evil spirits by being placed in front of the hearth at night.

To a Pagan, Halloween is not Halloween. It is the Feast Of Beltane, which is the feast of fertility, sex and love.

Perhaps the resurgence of Pagan religions is partly due to the disillusionment there is with the “accepted” religions as many of you view them as nothing more than corporate business behind the curtain of robes.

What Makes A Pagan?

The dictionary describes a Pagan as “a person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions”.

So this leads me to wonder if breakaway the exact teachings of a recognised religion forming a splinter religion of their own could be classed as Pagans?

Historically, the old religions such as Wicca and Druids were the mainstream religions. pagans were still around at the time of the Roman Empire. It was the mad blue men that stopped the Romans from taking control of Scotland. The mad blue men were in fact the Celts that painted themselves blue for battle.

But, back to what makes you a Pagan.

If you follow or practice a non-mainstream  religion which involves rituals and incantations, then I beleive that is what a Pagan is. And the beauty of Australia is that you can practice any religion as long as no-one is harmed by it.

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