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What Happened Tomorrow On June 23rd?

What Happened Tomorrow On June 23rd?

The Battle Of Bannockburn was fought on June 23rd 1314 when the Scots defeated the English at Bannockburn, regaining Scotland’s independence, and establishing Robert the Bruce as Robert Ist.


Also, more recently, the United Kingdom held “Brexit” where just over half the people voted the UK out of the European Union.


It was also on June 23rd 1912 when Alan Turing was born. As a cryptographer he went on to be instrumental in the efforts to break the Enigma Code in the Second World War.


June 23rd is also Public Service Day


We end to think of Public Service as the staff that work in offices in Centrelink and Medicare. Let’s also remember the hard work, that often puts them in danger, that our other Public Service industries do.


I am referring of course to Police, Fire Service, Ambulance, Bush Fire Brigade and the SES.


They serve us, the public, and are always there as soon as possible when we need them.

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