What Happened Tomorrow On June 22nd

what happened on June 22nd

What Happened Tomorrow On June 22nd?

June 22nd is Chocolate Eclair Day. What a great excuse for heading to the coffee shop or bakery.


It was on June 22nd 1986 that a referee allowed a goal scored for Brazil by Diego Maradona against England during the quarter final of the world cup. The ball actually went into the net off Diego’s fist and the referee thought it went in off his head. It is referred to as The Hand Of God goal.


Both Cyndi Lauper (1953) and Meryl Streep (1949) were born on June 22nd.


Two great entertainers, Fred Astaire (1987) and Judy Garland (1969) both passed away on June 22nd


Tomorrow is also Take Your Dog To Work Day and Onion Ring Day

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