What Bores You Day to Day?

what bores you

Have you been bored lately?

I do not know what bores you, but come on, I am sure you must have been bored in the past.

The advert for a well know tax firm (H&RB) in Australia says that “we love numbers”, I don’t.

I guess that work involving numbers or calculations bores me because I hated things like algebra at school. don’t even mention calculus! OK, so I was able to learn basic accounting when I had to in my earlier career. Month End, Year End and Stocktakes all involved figures and balance sheets.

A shiver goes through me thinking about them. No problem doing them. Actually, I believe I am the only inventory manager to have balanced the stocktake to a 3 cents deficit.

But, those numbers used to bore the you know what out of me.

Apollo 11

Today, in 1969, Apollo 11 splashed down in the Pacific Ocean successfully completing the first manned mission that landed on the Moon.

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