War On Terrorism Australia

war on terrorism australia


War On Terrorism Australia

Our war on terrorism in Australia consists of a set of laws designed to protect our citizens from attack by terrorist forces. We also have dedicated border security to ensure terrorists from Islamic State or any other radical factions are unable to gain entry into Australia.

You and I are also part of the war on terror. We are expected to be vigilant, always watching out for any suspicious actions by others. Should you see an unattended bag in an airport terminal, you should not touch it, but report it to the nearest official you can find. That may not be an actual security guard. It could, for example, be the attendant at the boarding counter.

war on terror

Proposed Changes To Anti-Terrorism Laws In Australia

Peter Dutton is proposing a change to our anti-terrorism laws. Mr. Dutton wishes to have the laws amended to prevent Australians who have been fighting as a terrorist from allowed back into Australia.

For 2 years!

Dutton went on to say that under our constitution, 2 years was the most he could push for. Do you not agree that this is absolutely ridiculous? If an Australian has decided to fight for Islamic State he or she should be banned from ever returning to Australia’s shores.

I, for one, do not care if they have been fighting for Islamic State because they believe in their cause, or if they have been fighting as paid mercenaries. Once you have gone down that path, there should be no way back.

Keep Australia Safe

We want nothing to do with terror. Mr. Dutton says the constitution prevents lifetime bans. I think we should lobby our local MP to fight for a change to the constitution in order that we can keep these people out of Australia forever.

Major General Michael Crane discusses the Australian contribution to the twenty-first-century war in Afghanistan

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