Tony Abbott Poo Poos Climate Change

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Tony Abbott Poo Poos Climate Change

Tony Abbott met with a group of teenage protesters. One young man stated that as he was only 14 and unable to vote in the upcoming election, the protest was the only way of making his voice heard.

The group of protesters were demonstrating against the governments current inaction against climate change. Tony Abbott is quoted as saying, “The Earth has survived many things.”

He seems to believe that our home is not in any immediate danger. Yet the scientific community repeatedly state that the evidence is clear. Global warming is affecting our planet now.

Mr Abbott told the small group of protestors, who had tracked him down to a cafe, that the small amount of increased carbon dioxide in our atmosphere was not likely to cause a catastrophe.

It seems to me that Tony Abbott is burying his head in the sand.


global warming

We know that global warming is real. We know that the seasons are changing. We know that devastating cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes are becoming not only more frequent, but fiercer too.

The only positive I can see from the protest is that the generation that is still too young to vote have real concerns for their future on our fragile planet. I hope that as they mature, they can develop the skills and processes needed to turn global warming around and breath new life into our home.

I do not know what the answer is. Perhaps the youth of today will find it.

Perhaps Tony Abbott is correct and the Earth will survive again. But what will it be like to live on?


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