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Tomic The Tank Engine
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Bernard Tomic The Tank Engine To Appeal!

That’s right. Bernard Tomic is to appeal his $ 80,000 fine for tanking at Wimbledon in the game he played against Jo Wilfred Tsonga.

You would have seen the press conference after the match where Mr Tomic said: “it was a pretty terrible match”.  That was due to his total lack of desire to win.

He obviously went into the match with the attitude of being there just for the 45,000 UK pound competing / appearance fee. But it has just been announced that he intends to appeal the fine received for his apparent lack of interest in the match. He will be repeating his statement of feeling unwell and being run down after having played in Turkey where he lost in the quarterfinals.

As an Australian, I for one hope that he loses the appeal against Wimbledon officials. I am tired of watching him throw away every chance he has been given to do what he is paid to do. Play his tennis in a professional manner.

If he was that sick he should have forfeited the match. he might have actually scored some points in the popularity stakes if he had.

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