Today was a Pivotal Day in Rock History

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A Pivotal day In Rock History

This is the day when, in 1962, The Rolling Stones performed at the Marquee Club in London. This was their first appearance as group.

Soon referred to as “The Stones” they quickly developed a a hard core group of followers world-wide.

The group line up was, Brian Jones playing guitar and harmonica, Keith Richards, guitar and backing vocals, Bill Wyman, bass, Charlie Watts drums, Ian Stewart piano, and the inimitable Mick Jagger on lead vocals with Jones being the original lead member of the group.

Were you aware that the band were originally played a lot of blues covers with their musical roots being in rythym and blues. The soon started to write their own material with hit albums in “Their Satanic Majesties Requests”  in the mid 1960’s.

The band staged a free concert on a beach in Rio De Janeiro to an estimated audience of 1.5 million!

Over the years The Rolling Stones have played at over 1,200 venues. And we are not talking about clubs, rather stadiums and the like. In 2012, the band celebrated their 50th anniversary.

They continue to tour to this day with their “no Filter Tour” announced for the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Definitely a band that deserves to be recorded in the annals of rock history as one in a million.

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