Today Is World Population Day

world population

Today Is World Population Day

World Population Day highlights the needs for family planning. But how far should it go?


The modern world is struggling to provide the resources needed for the ever burgeoning population.

The need for education in family planning is obvious. It is already part of the school curriculum in developed countries.


China’s one child policy was implemented in 1979, designed to ensure there was never too much pressure on the countries resources. It was loudly critisised by western nations, but remained in force for 35 years.

The one child policy was definitely a step too far. These days China advises its citizens on making good use of birth control.


We teach our children at home and at school that if they can’t be “good” then they should be “careful”. This is good advise to prevent unintended pregnancies and it is re-enforced by education.

Unfortunately, the message does not translate well in developing countries. Poverty and famine are still prevalent in third world cultures.


It is the responsibility of the government in these countries to provide the education on birth control to their populace, and just as importantly, provide the means of managing birth control.

It is the right of every individual to have the freedom of choice. The services involved must treat them in a non-discriminatory fashion and with the respect they expect for themselves.

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