Today Is World MS Day

Today Is World MS Day. If you have not been touched by MS, you do not know how lucky you are.

world ms day

World MS Day is always on 30 May each and every year.


While there are events throughout the month of May, it is May 30th that unites the global MS community.


It is a day for people to get together and share their story.

MS (multiple sclerosis) can strike down even the healthiest of young individuals.

The MS International Federation was started in 2009 and focuses its efforts on a different theme each year.


Its estimated that there are some 2.3 million people suffering with MS worldwide. MS is known to be the most common neurological condition to afflict young adults.


If you have ever known someone who contracts this disease you will now how horrific it can be.

MS has no “rhyme nor reason”.


Weak limbs, blurred vision, unsteadiness, tingling semsations, constant tiredness and memory loss are some of the symptoms.

What can you do to help? Donate to the research or even just share this information around. The more awareness there is, the better.

world ms day

There are two sets of MS profiles I am sharing:


Sarah and Millie Horton

Carol Langsford


Sarah and Millie Horton got involved in the fight to raise awareness and funds since their Mother got MS before they were born and had to watch her get worse as they grew up feeling scared and frustrated.


Carol Langsford and her husband lost their daughter Trish to MS. They had to stand by and see their daughter change from a  young athlete to someone residing in a nursing home in just a few years.


Trish was totally paralysed and spent the last four years of her life in palliative care being fed artificially before passing.

Visit World MS Day for more information here.

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