Today Is World Environment Day

Today Is World Environment Day - Think Green!

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We all know that out environment is fragile and it is going through changes caused by global warming, which was caused by us. But how many of us really appreciate how wonderful our environment is?

Look to the skies. The variety of birds that inhabit our environment is enormous.


Though not exact, the checklists used by scientists and twitchers give the figure to be somewhere between nine and ten thousand.

If you are interested in bird watching there I recommend Bird Journal as an app for both PC and phone to record your sightings, some hide themselves quite well. Like this owl.

Who said Goth's never smile?

There are others appplications for bird watchers such as EBird, Birdata and Avibase for recorded birdsong.

Our oceans are a vast environment only partly explored

Around 71% of the Earths surface is covered by water. The oceans and seas hold some 96.5% of our water which leaves only around 4.5% in our freshwater lakes

We have divers going down to immense depths in out oceans to tap the ocean floor for black gold.


But even with the advanced submersibles they use and their pressurised diving suits, there are still unexplored chasms, the depth of which we are not even sure.

Our lands are extremely varied too. From swamps and grain fields in Saskatchewan to the Mouintains near Vancouver. The prairies in the Mid-West to the Rockies in America.


The Lowlands to the Highlands in Scotland or the vast plains of the Serengeti to the jungles of the Congo. The list is endless.


Developers and councils today seem to have scant regard for our environment. Pretty much every new subdivision for housing (much needed) is totally cleared of all vegetation.


The trees are felled, the undergrowth is torn up. There is now less room for native fauna to live. Bird nest are gone. Those could be nests that are returned to each year.


The swamp areas are infilled, burying any frogs, newts, turtles etc that were living there.

environmental protection

Not very pretty. Is it?

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