Today Is VCR Day VHS and Betamax

Today Is VCR Day - Do You Remember VHS and Betamax War?


There was a bit of a war between manufacturers of VCR’s (that’s video cassette recorder to the uninitiated)

There were two systems that were vying for supremacy. The VHS and the Betamax. VHS were recorders were cheaper to buy but Betamax recorders were reputed to have better quality with the advantage of being smaller too.

They got reasonably advanced too with functions like 2 week advance record settings and g-code recording. Then the laser disc came along.


Paid membership was a requirement in order to rent a movie from one of the many video rental stores when they first came on the scene.


That was soon dropped as competition got hotter as more and more rental stores started.


The store owners must have been pleased when Betmax recorders eventually lost too much ground to VHS as they now only needed to carry one format.

Then the laser disc or DVD took the world by storm and killed them both off very quickly.


Nowadays everyone is a movie maker with advanced DSLR’s. Mobile phones too are used for movie making and You Tube has zillions of movie clips.


Renting a movie though, has been updated too. You do not even need to move from your chair to rent a movie from Netflix.


Then these things arrived. Drones can video from the air. There is no more privacy. Even though they are only allowed to fly no lower than 30m, the cameras can still see lots of detail and snoop on you and then you might be in a movie on You Tube.


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