Today Is Tell The Truth Day (or not)

tell the truth

Today Is The Day To Tell The Truth

Your Mum always told you that the best option was to tell the truth. But life teaches us that this is not always the best option.


How many time have you been untruthful when asked for an opinion on a difficult subject like your partners clothing choice?


OK, so that is what you call a “white lie”. It does no harm. Right? But what if the colour really does not suit her/his complexion? Of she goes (let’s stick with she, it’s easier) confident in the new dress with the sixties pattern.


The next thing you know, the whole wardrobe has been replaced by psychedelic clothing. The point is, that you had two choices. Tell a lie or the truth. Because of the lie, your partner now has some very loud or unflattering clothes.

Telling one small lie, leads to repeating the lie with each new purchase, compounding the lie even more.


Some scenarios where a white lie has been told could have you digging a hole so big that you will never be able to claw your way back up to stable ground.


Today is Tell The Truth Day. If you tell fibs all the time (yours is always bigger, better, more expensive) take the opportunity today to start being truthful.

London Tube Bombed

On this day in 2005, suicide bombers attacked the London Transport System, blowing up three trains and one bus killing 39 and injuring 700 more innocents.


Four normal, young men had been radicalised by al-Qaeda. The entire Underground System was shut down while forensic specialists searched the system.


Thousands of hours of security tapes were reviewed confirming that there were four terrorists who had worked alone, although they were certainly coached by someone.

Today is also Chocolate Day. Well, it must be Chocolate Day somewhere in the world.

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