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Today Is Sauntering Day


Today Is Sauntering Day

Sauntering day is an opportunity to take time out from your hectic lifestyle and go for a bit of a wander either by yourself or with company.


Sauntering is the art of walking in a slow, relaxed manner. You can do this anywhere anytime.


The idea is to walk at a relaxed pace while taking in your surroundings, clearing your mind of the daily fog while sauntering along. You could take your walk in the countryside, a park, along a beach, or even in a city arcade.


The “saunter” does not need to be long. The main idea is to relax, clear your mind and let your shoulders down, relieving the tension across the base of your next and trapezium.


It’s almost like a mini therapy session that is free. And there is not that much that is free in today’s society.

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