Today Is Roswell Day


Roswell Day

This is the day when, in 1947,an alien craft (UFO) was reported to have crashed near Roswell, New Mexico.

The alien being in the craft was said to have been secreted away in a facility known as Hanger 51 in the state of Nevada.


Hanger 51 was officially a warehouse for B series aircraft parts. The rumour is that this is untrue. It is actually thought to be where the alien was taken for experiments.

It is also said to be the storage facility for other “items of interest”. Items like the Ark Of The Covenant.


The Ark Of The Covenant is believed to be where the Ten Commandments are kept. The Commandments were written on the two stone slabs brought down from Mount Sinai in the year 1300BC by Moses as described in the Book Of Exodus.

While yesterday was Chocolate day, today is a different Chocolate Day. It is Chocolate With Almonds Day.

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