Today Is Repeat Day

Today Is Repeat Day. And I Don't Mean Groundhog Day.

repeat day

If there has ever been something you enjoyed doing so much that you wished you could just keep doing it, this is the day to celebrate and get back out to your own favourite thing and repeat, repeat, repeat. You get the idea.

Perhaps you are into extreme things like bungy jumps, or maybe you enjoyed walking up to the top of the lighthouse?

If sunsets are your thing then hop down to the beach, river or lake and watch the sun go down over the calming waters repeating the view by reflection.

repeat day

Perhaps surprisingly the group “The Doors” are these days thought of as a Gothic Rock band.


The lead singer of the doors, Jim Morrison, who was also a poet, is remembered as a troubled man who became addicted to alcohol and died at the young age of 27.


The actual cause of his death is unknown.

Today Is Also Cancer Survivors Day

The world of medicine is always advancing in it’s search for cancer cures and to locate the gene that causes it.

surviving cancer

Cancer has, or is likely to, touch the lives of every generation that lives. I can name three people involved in my life in one way  or another that have died due to cancer.


And I am sure if I thought even a little more that number would go up.

surviving cancer

Surviving cancer is not easy. The patient has to undergo various treatments that often include chemotherapy. They will probably lose weight as well as their hair. Plus the sickness that comes with this treatment.


It is, in part,  because there are so many different types of cancer, that scientists feel that they are always on an uphill battle.

Surviving cancer is not a matter of simply being treated, or having it cut out.


I feel that those who have survived cancer are also very strong mentally. They have an inner strength that carries them through the nightmare and allows them to make the journey back to some sort of normal life.


So if you are a cancer survivor, You deserve all the good things that life can can give you. If you are cash poor but dream rich, perhaps let everyone know what you have always wanted to do but never had the chance. Instead of several small gifts at Christmas, or whatever event you celebrate, they can all unite and give you that dream.


Regardless of everything else, you are a cancer survivor and should be very proud of yourself.

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