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Today Is Red Apple Day

Do You Know What Red Apple Day Is?

Bowel Cancer Australia was formed by a small team of specialists who were focused on a better health future not only for the patients they treated but for all Australians. With the support of a very generous patient donation in 2000, they teamed together to establish the charity now known as Bowel Cancer Australia, which stood as the only dedicated national charity aimed at raising awareness of and funding research into bowel cancer.



It is not, as you might be forgiven thinking, anything to do with a healthy crop of red apples. It is all about Bowel Cancer Australia.


The charity was initially formed by a team of specialists who wanted to provide a better outcome for their all Australians,not only cancer patients.


Why? Because bowel cancer could be contracted by any Australian. Bowel Cancer Australia has long been the only national charity that raises awareness of, and provides funding for the research into this cancer.


Think of cancer as a parasite that has got into an apple turning it bad. Early detection of the parasite is a must. So support Bowel Cancer Australia and if you receive a test kit, use it.


Red Apple Day is part of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. If you have a general question about Red Apple Day you can contact the organisation here.

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