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Today Is Picnic Day

Today Is Picnic Day


Today is the day to make some time and head outdoors because its picnic day!


That does not mean grab a burger or fish n chips, rather, get together a heap of tasty nibbles that you can savour with your favourite drink. Add a loved one (kids too if you have them). Some pleasant conversation away from the hustle, or hassle, of real life and do your soul some good.


In Victorian times, a picnic was a grand affair with tables and chairs, flowers for the table, roast pheasant from the shoot etc. But you don’t need fancy expensive food for your picnic to make it enjoyable. Get some sliced ham from the deli, a few baps, some nice drinks and maybe some dip and bikkies. Its the company and tranquillity that makes it enjoyable, not expense.


So pack the hamper or esky and head out to a scenic peaceful spot and enjoy one of the simpler things in life.

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