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Would You Like To Donate Blood But Are Unsure If Your blood Is OK?

This is National Blood Donor Week. Many of you may think that you are not elegible to donate blood. There are actually not that many barriers to giving blood. For example, people taking antidepressants can usually donate. As long as you are well and have no side effects from the medication.


Heart Arythmyia? You may well still be OK to give blood. Call 13 14 95 to check.


Allergies? No problem, even if you are taking antihistamines you should be OK, though there are exceptions.


Had a few alcoholic drinks? Nope, you cannot donate.


If you are an athlete, you can still donate but best not to donate what is referred to as “whole blood”’ during a competitive season.


Breastfeeding? To protect your own child’s heath, he must be at least nine months old if you are still breastfeeding before donating.


If you have had chickenpox you may be able to donate so long as it is four weeks after recovery, all spots are clean and dry and you are feeling well.


If you take cholesterol medication that is fine too.


I could list lots more reasons why you may think you cannot donate blood, but really, the only thing that stops most people is fear. All the staff at donation centres are caring human beings who will understand your fear and help you deal with it.


Like most of our fears, after facing it you will wonder why you were ever worried at all.


Every donation can save 3 lives.


Go to the blood donor site here and take the quiz to see if you are able to donate. It only takes a few clicks.

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