Today Is Part Of Independent Retailer Month

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Independent Retailer Month

The Independent Retailer Month is intended to remind you that there is much more choice available than at the big stores like Kmart or Target.


The small business owner puts their livelihood in your hands and provides a better shopping experience.


Whereas the large retailer doesn’t have enough staff to provide you, the shopper, with any customer service.


Give your local retailer a go and keep your money in your local economy instead of in the pockets of large investors.


Incidentally, Target are supposed to be closing all their large department stores and moving to a more boutique format.

Not Only Clothing

Lets not forget about your other local retailers. There is your Greengrocer, your news-agency, your butcher.


Sure, it is convenient to get everything in the one shop. But what about the quality?

independent retailer

Today, in 1996, saw scientists take a huge leap forward in genetics with the successful cloning of “Dolly” the Finn Dorset Sheep in Edinburgh.


Time will tell if this leads to cloning of other items. Items being thing like human hearts, liver, kidneys etc.

It was on July 5th 1946, that French designer, Louis Reard, unveiled a revealing two piece swimsuit that quickly became dubbed “The Bikini”.


America had just completed nuclear tests on the Bikini Atoll. It is thought that this is where the name for the continuously shrinking bathers came from.


1946 was the first time in years that Europe was not at war. World war two was over and the beaches became popular as holiday spots where the young ladies of the day could bask in the sun working on that tan.


I am not sure if sunscreen lotion had been invented at that time, but being free from war must have been a very elating feeling.

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