Today Is Moon Day With Neil Armstrong’s Famous Words

moon day

Moon Day

Moon Day is a celebration of Neil Armstrong being the first man to set foot on a celestial object.

Everyone has heard the quote “One step for man. One giant leap for mankind”. However, the mission was not without it’s drama’s.

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The Mission Lead Up

The Apollo spacecraft was tested in 1966 after 5 years of intensive research. This led to a manned test on the launchpad where a fire erupted taking the lives of 3 astronauts.

NASA continued with it’s research and succeeded with a manned mission which orbited the Earth and gave them the opportunity to test systems that would be used for the Lunar Landing in an environment without atmosphere.

The craft was named Apollo 7.

Later that year Apollo 8 was to repeat the exercise, this time going to the dark side of the Moon.

The following year in 1969, Apollo 11 landed in the Sea Of Tranquility on the surface of the Moon. On board were three astronauts, Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin, Michael Collins and Neil Armstrong.

Both Buzz and Neil actually slept that night on the surface of the Moon.

There were 5 more missions to the Moon. Now that America had beat Russia to the Moon the missions to come were to prove more costly than their worth, and so the space race was over.

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