Today Is Meteor Watch Day

meteor day

Today Is Meteor Day

On meteor day take the time out to look up at our beautiful Milky Way.


Meteors are more common than you might think. Our skies are constantly being bombarded with debris from asteroids. Some are quite large lumps of

meteor day

rubbish, but chances are the meteor, or shooting star, that you see will be, at best, the size of a pea but more likely the size of a grain of sand!

Oddly, there is not much meteor activity in June anywhere in the sky.


July sees an active meteor shower: July 27-28, 2018 Delta Aquariids ,visible in both the Southern Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere.


The maximum rate can reach 15-20 meteors per hour in a dark sky. You will probably need to get out of the city to see them as light pollution is an astronomers enemy, along with rain, clouds etc, etc.

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