Today Is Mans Best Friend Day

mans best friend

Mans Best Friend - A Day For Dog Lovers

So we all know that man’s best friend is and always will be a dog. You may well have a best friend that is a human, but he or she is not truly your best friend, More on that later.

A Face Only A Mother Could Love

True for humans possibly, but now when we have a dog. Some of our furry friends are maybe a bit odd looking. The thing is though, we made them look like they do.

Selective breeding to shorten noses for example.

Hamish McKenna

So it is not his fault that he looks like he does.

Nevertheless, he is still loved by many owners.

What Sets Dogs Apart From Humans as Besties?

It is quite simple really.

Your dog will always love you without prejudice. No matter what you feel like. You may have had a crappy day at work and are in a foul mood. Perhaps you are just extra tired and cannot be bothered walking him today.

Your dog will never tell you to snap out of it, grow up, be an adult, or get angry with you for not giving him much attention.

Mans best friend will love you regardless. That is something your best mate can’t guarantee to do

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