Today Is Hug Your Cat Day

Today Is Hug Your Cat Day, except for allergy sufferers

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The Egyptian Mau is most likely the oldest breed of cat. The breed is so old that the meaning of it’s name is Egyptian for cat.


If you buy a a cat from a shelter, expect to pay anything from $100 to $250. A cat from a commercial breeder would be between $500 and $1200.

Going right to the other end of the spectrum , someone had their cat “Little Nicky”cloned for $50,000.

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Regardlesss of the cost of the breeds, there is a good case for adopting a cat rather than going to a breeder.


Watch any episode of RSPCA Rescue and you will see the plight of the cats that they rescue from often squalid conditions.

All these cats are checked for health, behaviour issues, treated for worms, fleas, ticks and de-sexed.


So the fee charged to adopt is really not likely to yield much profit to the RSPCA.

hug your cat day

Remember that any pet is for life. You must devote some time to it daily. The love you will get in return is invaluable.

Today is also Sherlock Holmes Day and Maritime Day.

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