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Today Is Global Wind Day

global wind day

Today Is Global Wind Day

Global Wind Day is a day to celebrate one of Mother Natures most volatile of occurrences.


There have been countless storms, cyclones, hurricanes and Tornado’s that have wreaked havoc on our towns and cities. Here are just three.


Typhoon Haiyan lashed the central Philippines causing destruction and the loss of 4000 lives in 2013.


Cyclone Nargis hit Burma, also known as Myanmar in 2008 with the more than 140,000 lives lost. The total number is not known as many souls were washed out to sea.


Cyclone Tracy devastated Darwin when it made landfall on Christmas Eve 1974. It is said by some that it was a miracle that only 75 people died from a population of 40,000. More than 30,000 people were evacuated from Darwin after Cyclone Tracy, many of whom went to the town of Katherine.


Now we are learning to harness the power of wind by generating power from it on wind farms. Millers were doing this centuries ago with windmills powering their grinding stones to make flour. Much earlier than that the power of wind was used to pump water in China way back in 200BC!


The first wind farm for the purpose of generating electricity was made in Cleveland in 1888 by Charles Brush. That may possibly be where the term “brushes” came from in regard to the brushes used in modern electric motors. The state of Texas is reputed to have the largest wind farm in the world. More are always being built, so that will no doubt change, with there being over 340,000 wind farms worldwide.


So why is it a day to celebrate?


Because we have now learned how to efficiently harness the power of the wind.


Its just a shame that we can not stop it from destroying our lives, sometimes with no time to prepare as in the case of Tornado’s.

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