Today Is Global Day of Parents Day

Today Is Global Day of Parents Day.You deserve it.

Global Parents Day

Yes, today is Global Day Of Parents Day. We, as parents, take on a huge responsibility from the moment we decide to start a family.

Learning to be aprent starts as soon as conception occurs. The partner bearing the child has to potentially suffer morning sickness and her partner will likely get a crash course on hormones.

From the moment the child is born, both parents start worrying (not that they weren’t during the pregnancy).

You will both spend more time than you realise thinking about what awaits your child as he grows up. Where will he go to kindy, pre school, school, high and school. Then comes Tafe or Uni or the workforce.


Often, the aspirations you have for your child fail to come to fruition. Do not blame yourself or each other. Every individual is actually individual and unique.

Global Day Of Parents

Then comes driving. Just something else to worry about. Sure, your child is sensible and would never hoon. But what about all the loons that are on the road?

Global Day Of Parents

Lets not forget about your parents too. Even though you are an adult woryying about your own childrens welfare, your parents will continue to be concerned not only for you, but for their grandchild too.

Global Day Of Parents

So hats off to the generations of parents, grandparents and great grandparents. You should all give each other a pat on the back.

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