Today Is Global Beatles Day

beatles day

Today Is Global Beatles Day

Beatles Day is a celebration of the Fab Four. Four young Liverpuddlians who took the music world by storm with Love Me Do.


Everybody has a favourite Beatles song. It could be Eleanor Rigby, Strawberry Fields, Hard Days Night, Norwegian Wood, Revolution or Please Please Me. Then Hey Jude, Lady Madonna, Sargeant Pepper and countless more.


The Beatles started a revolution in the world of music. They played to packed houses worldwide, were the first group to be met at airports by hordes of screaming, adoring fans.


Others have come close, but they have never been surpassed.


Today also marks Custers last stand at the Battle Of The Little Big Horn.


George Michael was born on this day in 1963.


Also, on this day in 1947, the Diary Of Anne Frank was published. She was a Jewish girl who hid from the Nazi’s in World War Two.


Her diary chronicles how she survived in hiding for 25 months before the Gestapo found her.


That was over two years without ever being able to go outside and breathe fresh air. She died at age 15 in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

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