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Today Is Combat Drought And Desertification Day


Today Is Combat Drought And Desertification Day

Today Is Combat Drought And Desertification Day

Around 2 billion people live in areas of land referred to as Dryland Areas. Some 90% of these are in developing countries.

Education about crop planting and rotation is needed to enhance the fight against environmental problems in these areas. Just as water-wise education is needed in western countries. Desertification, (the process of fertile land turning to a dust bowl), is not new. It has been the downfall of entire empires in history. It contributed greatly to the demise of empires such as Carthage, Greece, and the Roman Empire.

Established in 1994, the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) is the only treaty or legally binding agreement regarding sustainable land management.

Deforestation is a huge contributor to desertification. To restore the balance countries need to develop better water management with things like using and re-using treated water. Desalination plants are of benefit.

We can do our own bit to help by not overwatering our plants, adjusting sprinklers so they do not overspray onto roads and paths. Councils could do with not watering parks through the daylight hours to prevent evaporation.

Drylands are already very fragile and it is the changes that we undertake now that will mean the difference between sustainable living for our growing population and famines on a scale to large to contemplate.

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