Today Is Aniseed Day and World UFO Day


Today is UFO Day

An Unidentified Flying Objects or a UFO is anything in the atmosphere that cannot  be readily identified.

A great many UFO’s can be written off as light reflections from aircraft or satellites.


But there must be life other than us in the Universe. Each star we see is a sun with it’s own planets and then there are all the other galaxies other than our own.


Millions upon millions of unseen unexplored objects in space. Actually, make that Billions!


So yes, I believe that there is intelligent life out there. Do You?

Today is also Aniseed Day

Aniseed, also known as Anisette and Star Anise has been gaining popularity as an addition to flavouring food.


If you have ever eaten black liquorice you will know what aniseed tastes like. Another herb that has the same taste and is popular in today’s modern restaurants is Fennel.


You can use both the bulb and the fronds of Fennel. The stalks can be chopped and added to salad as an alternative to celery.


Hop onto the All Recipes site and have a look at the recipe for Aniseed Biscuits. So easy and so Yum too.

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