The Plight Of The Honey Bee

honey bee

The Humble Honey Bee and Why We Need It

Since its discovery in 2006, CCD or Colony  Collapse Disorder, has decimated the population of the Honey Bee by over 40%. That is massive.


The loss of these industrious little insects would be devastating for us. We rely on the bees to pollinate crops. The loss of the honey bee would have a profound effect on our food supply not to mention the damage to the ecology of the planet.

The cause of the population loss is still under investigation. It could be that the new more effective pesticides used to control rodents on farms is also affecting the bees. Perhaps we will find out that it is climate change affecting the bees. Maybe it is the messing around with the genetics of crops that is causing the loss.

So today on World Honey Bee Day, remember this when you next see one. Bees are friends, not pests.

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