The Sicko Glory Of Bullfighting???

Chris Stefanis

Chris Stefanis

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The Glory Of Bullfighting

Bullfighting has been a popular sport in Spain for a very long time. It’s origins in Spain date back as far as the year 711 according to “Frommer’s Travel Guide.”*

I have never been to a bullfight. I have, however, due to a sudden storm, been stuck in a pub while on holiday on the island of Majorca, where there was a televised bullfight from the Spanish mainland.

I have never seen so disgusting a spectacle before or since. It made me sick to the stomach. The poor bull is tormented relentlessly then stuck with spears several times. It is not until the suffering animal is literally covered in blood that the Matador uses a sword to fatally wound the poor animal. Even though the wound may be fatal, I am sure it rarely dies quickly.

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Lets hope that the Matador in the next pic was injured seriously.


And let’s hope that bullfighting gets banned forever.

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