The Events Of August 27th

events of august 27th

List Of Events Of August 27th

Amongst the events of August 27th, Mars approached Earth getting to be the closest it had been since 57,617 BC.* That was on Aug. 27th, 2003.

The map of the solar system shows how the early astronomers thought that everything revolved around the Earth. We of course now know that we revolve around the Sun.

Also on the 27th of August, but in 1991, Moldova achieved independence.

In 1976, Australian racing driver, Mark Webber, was born.*

In 1939,  on this day, the first ever jet aircraft flew. It was the Heinkel He 178.**

events in august 27th

Today is also banana lovers day.

The humble banana is a fabulous source of energy because they have loads of potassium.

They are also considered to be the “feel good” fruit as they have chemicals in them that help the body produce serotonin. They can also aid in lowering blood pressure. Called a fruit, they are actually classed as a berry.



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