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The Modern Woman And Beauty

Historically, the role of women was to stay at home and do the housework.


She also had to make sure that dinner was timed to be ready just after hubby arrived home.

the role of women

There are still societies that adhere to this (or at least come close). Muslim women always walk behind the man and it is still normal practice for some Indian women to do this too. For example, after marrying a Sikh, supposedly to show that the husband is the leader and the woman shall follow him through life?

Some women work almost as if they are slaves!
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Has the role of women at work changed?

The role of women has not only changed at work, but also at home. The modern woman has the ability to return to work much sooner than she would have in the past after a pregnancy. Possibly due in part to the appearance of child care centres in today’s world.

Todays modern woman has been empowered

the role of women

Empowered yes. But is she now an equal?

The modern woman at work is now able to hold positions that would never have been thought of just 50 or so years ago. Roles such as a company accountant. A geologist. A truck driver. A bank manager, and the list goes on.


To be successful in any role women needed to posses a certain beauty. That view has thankfully just about gone the way of the Dodo. Although, unfortunately, there are still some truly chauvenistic employers out there.

Lets Go back to equality for a moment. It is absolutely fantastic that women can now work in any career they should choose. Not equally though.

The role of women is now to push for that equality. There is no reason at all why a male should be paid more for any role than a woman is.

Keep making noise. Canvas your local MP to lobby for change to be made by the government. And not at a state level but a national level. Your time is now.

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