The Battle Of Britain Began On This Day

battle of britain

The Battle Of Britain

It was on this day in July 1940 that the Battle Of Britain began.


Everyone realised that the British Isles were firmly in the focus of Hitler. It was only a matter of time before an invasion would start. That was the scenario facing Britain if it failed to withstand the sustained attack by German bombers.


One hundred and twenty planes bombarded the ships in the channel while another 70 attacked the shipyards in Wales.

Britain had a couple of advantages over the German forces. Firstly, Britain had more advanced radar systems which prevented any surprise sneak attacks.


Secondly, they had the Spitfire. The British fighter was extremely more agile than the German Messerschmitt fighters protecting the German bombers.

The Battle Of Britain lasted three and a half months, during which time the Government asked the British public to donate any aluminium pots they had to aid with the production of more Spitfires and Hurricanes.

the battle of britain
The British fighters were outnumbered, some say by 10 to 1.

Regardless, they succeeded in winning a great many dog-fights, seriously diminishing the Luftwaffe’s ability to hit their targets on the mainland.

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