The Worlds First Test Tube Baby

Test Tube Baby – In-Vitro Fertilisation

The world’s first test tube baby was born today in 1978 in Oldham and District General Hospital in Manchester, England. The parents were Lesley and Peter Brown.

Blocked fallopian tubes had caused Lesley and Peter to be unable to conceive a child. A mature egg was removed from Lesley’s ovaries and then placed in a Petri dish with Peter’s sperm to create an embryo. the embryo was then placed in Lesley’s uterus. The baby was born by caesarean section weighing in a t 5 ponds twelve ounces.

The Browns had Natalie, a second daughter, also by IVF who later became the first person conceived by IVF to give birth herself.

IVF is considered to be a normal if not routine method of conception today. A far cry from the furore of ethical and moral dilemmas and complaints that were stirred up in 1979.

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