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Temptations Everywhere

I am sure you know what temptations are. Ever since Adam and Eve, if that’s your thing, there have been things to tempt us and divert us from the course we set out on.

Today I went shopping for a canvas and some fluid for a painting I want to create. I got to the shop and they had neither of the items I wanted in stock.

Come back Tuesday and we will have them for you I was told. But you and I know that when you are inspired to create an artwork, if there are delays, the eagerness may wane a bit.

Anyway, I started walking back through the shopping centre and saw a Kmart with a poster of some overly toned guy wearing undies. Oh, I thought, the elastic is going in some of mine so I went in and searched out a pack of new jocks that I liked. I then went to the checkout and stood in the queue slowly moving toward the front of said queue.

By the time I reached the front of the queue, I had added a family block of chocolate a pack of mints and a soft drink.

And that is my point. The checkouts are designed these days by experts in pyschology and they force us into a situation where we cannot help but see all of these items placed to tempt us into spending money that we did not mean to.

As parents with kids go run this gauntlet of merchandise, their kids can easily force them into spending cash on worthless items like chocolate eggs with toys inside that last 2 minutes.

Bring back the local deli is all I can say.

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