Bona Fide Go Fund Me

Singleton House Fire Bona Fide GoFundMe What Is A Bona Fide Go Fund Me Reason? The principle of a bona fide go fund me page is that of giving assistance to people who have suffered a catastrophe of some sort. Firefighters Battle The Blaze An example of a fair reason to set … Continue reading

5 Hobbies To Enjoy

Get Fit Mountain Biking 5 Hobbies To Enjoy Jumpstart Your Hobbies Hobbies. Why have them at all? If you have a hobby, it will provide you with the opportunity to zone out from the pressures of daily living in today's society. Here are five hobbies to enjoy. Hobbies, in general, are good … Continue reading

New Moon Race

Space Race The Space Race Is Now The Moon Race The Space Race was during the Cold War between mainly the USA and the USSR. Each "side" tried to continually outdo the other in its achievements with space travel. Russia was first to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile (the R-7) … Continue reading

What If?

Life Is Full Of What If's If Only or What If? Have you ever thought to yourself, "What if?" The what if's and if only's of life present themselves to us almost daily. Every regret you have or will have in the future is bound to have you thinking for example, "What if I had remembered to … Continue reading

Asteroid Headed For Earth

Asteroid Headed For Earth I have seen at least two movies with the theme of an asteroid heading for Earth. They have both successfully saved the world. But what if it were to really happen? Scientists have said that if we were to face the prospect of an ELE*, and dealt with the approaching … Continue reading