Art Gallery Clearance Sale Art Gallery Clearance Sale It seems that I am running out of space in my studio and need to sell off some art in my Art Gallery Clearance Sale. Almost every artwork, I would say around 90%, are being reduced by $100 or more! To make sure … Continue reading

Art On Sale

Art On Sale This month I have decided to put a painting I did of the beautiful Ferguson Valley on sale. It is painted using acrylic paints on canvas board. While I haven't reduced the price I am, for this month only, including a free frame for your original painting. Buy Now Browse the … Continue reading

Contemporary Australian Artists

Contemporary Australian Artists Those referred to as contemporary Australian artists are artists that are currently creating art. This art can be in many forms including, but not limited to, painting, ceramics, sculpting. It can be realism or abstract. These artists use a wide variety of … Continue reading


Temptations Everywhere I am sure you know what temptations are. Ever since Adam and Eve, if that's your thing, there have been things to tempt us and divert us from the course we set out on. Today I went shopping for a canvas and some fluid for a painting I want to create. I got to the shop … Continue reading

Free Advertising For Artists

Free Advertising For Artists It Is said that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Well, here is one for Australian artists. You can have free advertising on a site named Australian Artists Registry. I have added my profile to it. You get your name, your art genre, your artist's statement, … Continue reading