climate change

Climate Change And Sea Turtles

Climate change Puts Sea Turtles At Risk You will be aware that Sea Turtles lay their eggs on land. Climate change is threatening their existence. Even though they can live up to the age of 150 years. The average is a 50-year life span. Sea Turtles drag themselves up the beach away from the … Continue reading

Effects Of Climate Change On Wildlife

Effects of Climate Change on Wildlife Climate change affects humans and wildlife. Effects caused by climate change on one part of our ecosystem affects others.   Pollinators, (bees, butterflies etc), are essential to life. They struggle to adjust to climate changes. Their biorhythms get … Continue reading

Art For Sale

Art For Sale I have started my May art for sale specials. I have reduced lots of artwork to clear studio space. Grab an original painting by a local Australian artist at a knockdown price. The sale is only on for a limited time so best get in quick! Happy shopping. Browse the Gallery for … Continue reading