It Is Surveillance Day – Lighten The Mood – Its Also Tell A Joke Day


Tell someone your favourite jokes

Jokes, you know the sort of thing. What is black and white and red all over?

A newspaper of course! Pretty bad even for a dad joke eh? The point is though, everyone needs to lighten up now and then. Telling jokes is one way to lighten your workmates or friends day.

What do you call a pony with a cough?

A little horse!

Today is also surveillance day.

Every day, new security cameras are installed watching our every move while we shop. But they are not just in the shops.

There are surveillance cameras at traffic lights, over freeways and highways, at train crossings, on the train, on the buses, in cars, on bike helmets, you name it and it’s probably there. Even your own dash/crash camera is a surveillance device. Only this week I heard a call from the police looking for evidence from motorists for dash cam footage regarding an accident. And now we have drones doing the same thing.

But is there too much surveillance?

surveillance camera

A Police State

There are those amongst us who believe that the way we are being watched has gone too far. That is to say, we can do virtually nothing without our every move being watched or tracked. Even if you do not have the GPS activated on your phone, you can be tracked just the same.

Texts that you send are forecver there. Texts or posts like this that say, mention bombs, are looked at closely. So it seems that we are indeed heading towards, if not a police state, then the “big brother” theme seems to fit.

If the government of today or tomorrow want to place a surveillance camera on every street corner in Australia, I am all for it. Anything that can be done to prevent the horrors of what we see above is worth having as far as I am concerned.

No, I don’t want a police state. Democracy is the best type of government. I do, however, want to be safe.

Don’t you?

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