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Chris Stefanis

Chris Stefanis

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Structured Data Is King!

Or is it? I have been reading about how structured data lets Google understand your site better. This understanding will appear in results as a “Rich Snippet” and give your users a better experience and hopefully mean better statistics from Google Analytics.

I have spent the best part of yesterday afternoon and most of today implementing Structured Data in my site Australian Art For Sale Art Gallery. The browser address is simpler,

Please take note, however, that it is my personal website for selling my art. The dot co bit is just less expensive than!  All the art on the site was created by me. But I am wandering off subject (again).

I am now sitting back waiting for my humble site to jump up the rankings and land on the first page on Google results when you search for art for sale.

Well, I can only try (and hope).

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