Senior Citizens – What Is Their Worth?

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Our Senior Citizens

Senior citizens continue to get older. By that, I mean as medicine advances the life expectancy of our population gets older. Because the population is ageing we find a shift in the way older people are treated.

The government has increased the retirement age effectively forcing us to work longer/retire later. That can be looked at two ways. The government sees that people can work later in life so they can avoid paying out pensions for a few years.  The other way to look at this is that with people working later, there are fewer positions available for our school leavers.

But back to the question asked, what is their worth?

In my view, the worth of our oldest generation cannot be measured by monetary means.

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The Real Worth Of An Older Individual

it is due to the hard graft put in during the industrial revolution that we have the luxuries of today. Take a trip down a mine and see the conditions and risks first hand that workers endured to power our factories and homes.

Sure, clean energy is what we all want now, but it took time to develop and without our elders, we would never have achieved what we have today.

Then we have the wars. Our men fought in the First and Second World Wars to keep our lives today free to live without persecution.

Then there were the women of the wars. They worked long hours in factories keeping our soldiers supplied with what they needed to win. My own mother was an aircraft inspectress. I never really got to know what her duties were because, like my father, she was not keen to talk about the war years.

Women, and men unable to fight, worked as cypher clerks farmers and everything else that kept the country going.

After fighting, the men came back to a world that was virtually destroyed. Many never recovered mentally.

But they rebuilt our cities and towns. They improved it by fighting for better rights and pay.

Nothing came easy.

So, what is their worth?

It is immeasurable.

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