Road Rage

road rage

Have you experienced road rage?

Road rage is something that almost all drivers have come up against. If you haven’t yet, then consider yourself lucky.

Everyone is in too much of a hurry. How often has a car come flying past you to only end up sitting next to you at the next set of lights?

If you have a driver behind you who is way too cosefor comfort (tailgating) the worst thing you can do is slow down. This will only infuriate someone who is already driving badly. His (or her) impatience may well escalate into road rage putting you both at risk.

If you experience road rage, try to take a deep breath a stay calm. Do you best not to let yourself get heated.

bad driving

Bad Driving Habits

We constantly see examples of bad driving.

  1. Tailgating.
  2. Cutting in.
  3. Overtaking just before an exit and taking that exit.
  4. Speeding up when reaching the overtaking lane.
  5. Braking hard after passing.
  6. Running red lights
  7. Speeding
  8. Talking or texting.
  9. Eating breakfast from a bowl.
  10. Drinking alcohol.
  11. Smoking dope.

The list could go on forever.

What can you do to avoid road rage?

Unfortunately, it seems that there is nothing you can do to avoid being “road raged.”

You could always get the bus I suppose. But that is not always practical. So, I suggest that you invest in a dash cam. You can get them for as low as $20. They simply plug into the cars cigarette lighter and hey, you have already given up smoking anyway. If not, perhaps you should.

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