Woman Denied Right To Life

right to life

Sandra Jensen Denied Right To Life

August the 13th 1995 was a black day in American medical history when Ms Jensen was denied her right to life.

Ms Jensen was born with Downs Syndrome and also had a defective heart.  When she reached the age of 34, her heart and lungs were both failing. Her doctor advised replacing both right and left lungs and her heart.

Having applied to the existing transplant programs she was given the devasting news that transplants like this were not carried out on people with Downs Syndrome.

Fighting back

As Ms Jensen had been working as an advocate and supporter of people with disabilities, she fought the decision. There ensued a well-publicised battle that gained the attention of the entire USA. The argument was a simple one. Having downs Syndrome should not automatically disqualify a patient fora transplant that would be life-saving.

She won her battle and on Jan 23rd 1996 she received the transplant.

She sadly passed away on the 9th of May 1997 having succumbed to one of the 32 types of Cancer that are associated with the operation.

I believe all life on Earth has a right to live, well maybe not cockroaches.

Today is also International Left-Handed Day

It is estimated that around 10% of the world’s population are left-handed.

If you do not know anyone who is left-handed you may not be aware that it can be a bit of a problem for them. Things like can openers and scissors for example, simply do not work properly if used in the left hand. If you were to buy a pair of scissors for use in the left hand, you would likely pay 75% more for them.

Back in the 17th century, left-handed people were accused of being witches!

That was the depth of persecution that left-handers have experienced. Thank God we are a bit better than that nowadays.

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