Right To Abode Parliament Debacle

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Right To Abode Parliament Debacle On Again

The new citizenship woes for the Australian Parliament involve the “right to abode” which, it seems, is rife amongst our politicians.

This right to abode gives the members of parliament in question [possibly 20 or more] the right to travel to the UK and take up permanent residence there. This again equates to them holding dual citizenship.

It must surely make you wonder why on earth this was not sorted out with the last round in which the high court ruled that they could not represent you in parliament.

right to abode
Climate Change

Ulterior Motive

Is it not possible that they are using this as a smokescreen to hide the fact that the government is shying away from its responsibility to address the global issue of climate change?

I may be wrong in saying that, I hope I am.

Read about climate change in Australia here.

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