Respect For Paraplegics

Respect For Paraplegics

After a recent experience, I have increased respect for paraplegics.

Without going into the gory details, I recently had an operation in the local hospital. The operation was done with me awake by the means of using a “block” which is basically an anaesthetic injected into the spinal fluid.

The result of this was my feeling nothing from the waist down for around six or seven hours. When I say feeling nothing, I mean not only the loss of sensation from the waist down but also the inability to move my legs or even toes for that period of time.

I found it pretty much impossible to even sit up in bed unless it was with assistance and having my firmly planted up against the bottom of the hospital bed. You simply do not realise how much you use your legs until they no longer feel as if they exist.

Wheelchair Athletes

People who are wheelchair-bound do an exceptional job of coping with everyday tasks and are they certainly deserve the utmost respect.

On the flip side. we watch people in sport and often forget about their disabled counterparts who compete in athletics or other sports like tennis or basketball. When the Olympics are on the Paralympics are shown after the Olympics finish. I think it would be wonderful to see both versions run concurrently giving more exposure to our disabled sportsmen and sportswomen who are truly just as passionate as the able-bodied ones.

Information about paraplegia

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