Reptile Awareness Day – Snakes Alive!

king brown snakes
Chris Stefanis

Chris Stefanis

artist - blogger - author

Snakes Alive

Today is a reminder that snakes are well and truly on the move right now.

The warmer than expected weather is causing snakes to stir from their winter sleep into activity.

The first thing they will do, after warming up in the Sun, will be to look for water.

There are pockets of bush throughout out cities that may still have snakes living in them. If you live near such a spot, or if you live in a country town, be on the lookout for snakes trying to find water.

I myself stepped out of the front door to see a Dugite snake slithering away from the plants near the bird bath.

Bushwalkers should take extra care when walking. It is all too easy to come across a King Brown, a Dugite or a Tiger Snake.

Australia is a wonderful place to live. But it can be lethal too.

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